And Finally Phil Collins

"I have been with And Finally Phil Collins from it’s humble beginnings, it really is a superb show. It’s been Wowing theatre audiences now for over a decade and continues to grow. The band is just awesome! A great bunch of talented, hardworking musicians. We all get along famously and enjoy performing the show together. If you’re a Phil Collins fan or not it’s definitely worth seeing." - Tom Lark

"Highly professional, extremely talented, musically gifted, affable, show focused. This part of the project had to be brought to the standard I dreamed of. This horn section has realised this dream" - Tim Harper, AFPC Former Producer.

The Horns:

Trombone - Tom Lark

Saxophone - Sam Adams/Jake Thornton

Trumpet - Michael Maddocks


Photos from the show:
Tour Promo: