Talon: Best of the Eagles

"I was approached by Chris Lloyd from Talon after he came to see us at an And Finally Phil Collins show. Talon had a desire to add a horn section to re create The Eagles Farewell Tour. Talon are at the top of the UK tribute scene so of course I was happy to oblige, we enjoyed a solid five years touring England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with Talon, even a three day cruise for their fifteen year anniversary. Talon are a very professional theatre show, the vocal harmonies are superb and the musicianship is world class. If you like the Eagles they are a must see, if you know a line or two of Hotel California then they are still a must see!" - Tom Lark

"The dbhorns are the complete package. Top pro's with great attitude and ethics. They sound and look world class. In short, they are the ultimate cherry on the Talon cake." - Chris Lloyd, Talon.

Website: www.talonmusic.co.uk

Photos from the show:
Funk 49 Performed by Talon: